Who here has broken their tailbone or bruised their butt or hip so badly that the bruise was darker than the night ski?

That’s right, it’s almost a right of passage when it comes to learning how to snowboard, and if i’m being honest, I find some interesting bruises on my butt and hips from time to time even after 25 years of practicing the sport.

That’s why I was SO thrilled that Inhuman reached out to me to let me know they have the best impact shorts for snowboarding on the market specifically made for snowboarders.

Before we dive in, you’re probably wondering who is Inhuman, and where did they come from. Logan created Inhuman because he’s admittedly a terrible snowboarder. He wanted to create impact shorts that protected not only him but snowboarders from every ability. He created great shorts that are slim, moisture wicking and machine washable.

Let’s get into the Best Impact Shorts for Snowboarding

The first thing I noticed when I received my pair of Inhuman Impact shorts were how lightweight they were. I felt like I was slipping on my favourite pair of leggings. I didn’t feel restricted or like I had something on that was going to get in the way.
The shorts were snug, but not overly tight and they passed the high kick and side lunge test for. (High Kick / Side Lunge Test = ultimate movement and flexibility)
Almost like a snowboard helmet, the shorts will certainly boost your confidence, theses shorts will do the same thing. Should you fall, it may not hurt as bad and you’ll mostly NOT have a purple bruise on your hip for weeks.

So Why Inhuman Shorts vs. the Other Guys?

Great question. Well, Inhuman was made by people who really understand snowboarding and athletic gear. Not only are these shorts ultra slim, but they have moisture wicking fabric like your favourite athletic brand, you can remove the side pads, they pass the High Kick Test, and they are machine washable. I’ll just say, if something is not machine washable, I’m not messing around with it. As a mom I don’t have time to hand wash any garments.

What’s the Deal with Sizing?

The Inhuman Impact shorts are Unisex and they have a detailed size chart on their site to help guide you on your prefect sizing. I’m a women’s 10 pants size/ 5’10” tall, and a Large fit me perfectly. But don’t worry too much about that. Inhuman has a 30 day money back guarantee, and if you can’t touch your toes whiles rocking these bad boys, they’ll give you a refund.

Ready to get a pair or your own? Snowboard Mom Readers get 10% off by using coupon code MOM10 when ordering a paid of the Inhuman Impact Shorts

To learn more about these amazing impact shorts, visit Inhuman.

This post was not a sponsored posts, but there are some affiliate links throughout the post. I may receive a small commission should you purchase the product mentioned in this blog post. I only write about products I truly believe in. I appreciate you supporting the blog and the products featured in this post.

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  1. fell skating and hurt the tushy big time!

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