Jones Snowboards is taking your old snowboards and making new ones with with Re-Up Tech! That’s right! Jones Snowboards have developed this amazing initiative to turn our garbage boards into brand new ones with its Re-Up Tech!

The goal of Re-Up Tech is to keep more snowboards out of the landfill by introducing the technology into more boards in the Jones Snowboards line. To make that happen, they need to secure more dead, busted boards. This is where riders like YOU come in.

So which snowboards from Jones Snowboards currently have the Re-Up Tech?

The new 2024 Hovercraft 2.0 is the first board in the Jones line to feature Re-Up Tech – a new technology that allows us to recycle dead snowboards and use the materials in new boards. The performance stringer in the nose of the 2024 Hovercraft 2.0’s wood core is made with materials upcycled from unrideable factory rejects and warranty boards.

How to Return Your Board

To make it easy to recycle with us, Jones Snowboards is offering two ways to return a board. Return the board directly to Jones.
When you ship a retired board directly back to us you will receive a $50 credit towards the purchase of a new Jones board on the Jones web store. We will provide a pre-paid shipping label at no cost to customers in the continental United States and select European countries. To start the return process you must fill out an application on the Re-Up Tech web page. You can also bring the board to one of our participating collection partners. If an incentive is offered, it will be determined by that Jones dealer.

We absolutely love this initiative from Jones Snowboards and are really pumped to see less of our old boards in landfills, and more and more companies putting them to great use.

Learn more about the Jones Re-Up Tech.

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