According to AccuWeather, the El Niño event happening in the Pacific means we’ll be seeing a lot of great snow this winter in the central and south rockies.

“With an El Niño in place, a southern storm track will lead to temperatures running cooler than historical averages and more snow possibilities in the southern US…. The best ski conditions are expected in the central and southern Rockies this winter.” – AccuWeather

It’s always so exciting to start predicting where the best snow will be and where we’ll be. We are looking at a Rockies trip this winter and now we’ll have to go back to the drawing board with this news!

The bad news with all this, and the weather really isn’t THAT predictable. The weather people can make some good strong suggestions based on historical trends, but as we know that’s just a strong educated guess at this point.

Last year’s snow was so epic in so many places, I really hope this year shakes out the exact same way!

All we can do now is… well…. wait.

Until next time!

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