Tips for Traveling with Kids on a Plane

Traveling with kids is stressful, there is no doubt about that. Making things just a bit easier can go a long way in making your travel much more enjoyable for the entire family. (picture a full on melt down 30,000ft in the air with 4 hours more to go). I’ve created a list with some of my top tips to make traveling with kids easier!

    You are allowed to travel with food on a plane, and even go through security with baby food.
    If you are travelling with an infant younger than two years of age (0-24 months), you can bring baby food, milk, formula, water, juice and other baby items in your carry-on baggage.  (Source)
    iPad is your friend! I know, I know… screen time isn’t ideal for most parents, but trust me, having your little one watch their favourite show for a little while to help keep them busy.
    Instead of fancy carry on luggage, go the backpack route. Not having to worry about holding yet another thing will save you a lot of stress. We all know we need our hands and arms at all times with kids, and in an airport environment, that doesn’t change. Really loving the Doleesune Water Resistant Nylon Backpack College School Bag
    Use your children’s “plane bag” to pack a set of extra clothing, toys, books, wipes and snacks. Even if it’s a little backpack, it helps free up valuable space in your own carry-on luggage (use a backpack, see previous tip). I love the Parkland Bayside Lagoon Backpack.
    Always be prepared…. I learnt this in girl guides when I was 9 years old and I never forgot it. You can never have enough wet wipes, diapers, change of clothing (for you and kids), bathing suites (incase your baggage is delayed…. or lost), snacks, entertainment/toys, meds, or anything else. Essentially if you were delayed, what would you need to survive a few extra hours. Bring those things!
    I know you already know that, but show up a bit earlier. It’s way better to be less stressed and kill time vs. running to the gate with two kids in your arms.


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