This summer we’ve decided to discover our county! I must have been inspired by the Canada 150 campaign from last year because all we’ve been talking about is visiting the east coast. The one thing EVERYONE says when we tell them we’ll be discovering Canada is that “it’s so expensive.” It’s true. Visiting our home and native land is much pricier for a family of four than a week down south in some cases!

I wanted to share with you how we’ve made our upcoming vacation more budget friendly and saved almost $1000 by getting creative!

This summer we are going to St John’s Newfoundland. A Place notorious for needing a car. (So much so that the tourism board even earns about renting your car earlier as they easily run out during peak season). It’s also know for the sights, sounds and people and a fairly brief tourist season (May-October).

We are planning to visit late summer and even though it’s peak season we’ve been able to find some great savings. Here’s how:

Car rental saving

We have been able to offset that cost by using our Aeroplan Miles for our car rental. Renting a car can be a very big expense so being able to save that by redeeming our Miles has been a great! (Saved approximately $400)

Accommodations saving

St. John’s is not known for cheap hotel accommodations during peak summer season. I was shocked to see that the prices rivalled Montreal when it comes to hotels. We actually found a great place 10 minutes out of downtown (we have a car). It’s an Airbnb rental for less than $100 a night! It’s a two bedroom apartment which is exactly what we need with two little kids. (Approximate savings for 4 nights accommodations $500)


Since we are renting an apartment breakfast will be very affordable. We will purchase some cereal, fruits and snacks to keep us going for our stay. Lunch is easy with a quick bit at Tim Horton’s or we can make sandwiches for the road. The only big expense will be our dinners which we have agreed we won’t be as frugal with. We’ll find great pubs and restaurants that feature local fare! (Saving by making own breakfast $80)


So we have travelled all that way to Newfoundland, we certainly have to see it all! Great news is that most of the attractions are free (national parks or sights) or have a minimal cost. This will have the smallest impact to our vacation budget.

So there you have it. Traveling can be very obtainable and affordable if you utilize loyalty points and find alternative accommodations.

Are you traveling this summer? Where are you going and how are you stretching the budget?

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