Let’s start with the basics… nap time is essential. And if you’re anything like me, the nap time schedule is the only real schedule in our lives. It’s the rule of law.

Going on a trip with the baby is amazing, but do you really want to be stuck in the room twice a day for 1hour++ because your little one needs to do his naps? Yeah, me neither. So after a few trips with little ones under the age of 18 months here is how I’ve made nap time work for all!

This tip is really for the morning naps for kids 18 months and younger who are on the 2 nap schedule.

  1. Invest in a great travel stroller that has a “lay back” feature. We invested in UppaBaby G-lux travel stroller which r clines all the way back. This is key to having your little one sleep outdoors. It also has a UV shade which helps cover them from the sun but also assists in making a bit of a canopy to lay a blanket over the stroller without interference.
  2. At around regular nap time, pack them the little guy into the stroller and start walking “simulate a drive” (doesn’t your kid always pass out in the car!?) avoid stimulation of people peeking in to say hi to baby or any exciting things to look at – the ocean is good. Mundane scenery also good. They usually start to drift off.
  3. Once they are asleep, place a light blanket over so that no change in light or people walking by will startle them out of sleep.
  4. You can place a blanket or towel on them if it’s not too hot. It helps with the snuggle effect.

Usually anything more than 1 hour in the stroller is considered a successful nap. You can try and transfer baby to a sun lounger but I much rather keeping them in the stroller as I knew they were safe.

Enjoy this time to take a dip (as long as you can see the baby) or enjoy a pool side nap yourself.

I do recommend an afternoon nap for everyone in the hotel room. The darkness, Ac break, and actual rest on a real bed will help everyone keep going for the evening.

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