Birthday Party Planing with Mable’s Labels!

In a few weeks my first born will be 4 years old! I can’t even believe how fast the time has flown. This years birthday is completely different than the others. First off, he actually knows he has a party coming up and is VERY excited! We are heading to a local play park and he will have all his friends from pre school there to run around with. (because honestly, who wants a bunch of 4 year old running around the house?)

Now it’s time to get the loot bags put together and I came across these amazing loot bags & decorative kits from Mabel’s Labels.

I ordered the loot bags and decorative stickers in the unicorn and dinosaur design as well as the Birthday Party Label Pack to match the the stickers. What I think is so cool is having the birthday party label pack with every kids name on it, it’s really extra special. My Husband keeps saying the parents will enjoy them more than the kids, (which is probably true!) but I REALLY love the idea. It’s perfect for school bags, lunch bags, really any bag that needs a good sturdy tag!

So what did I put in the loot bag? Great question!

I have two age groups coming to the party. 4 year olds and under 3. For the 4 year olds, I have a mini play-doh pot, the Mabel’s Labels sticker pack, the name tag stickers, a few candies and a party blower. SO CUTE! for the little kids, I replaced the play-doh with a bath tub boat and removed the candies.

I absolutely love a good loot bag and can’t wait to give these out at the party!

Thanks for reading and don’t forget to check out Mabel’s Labels for even more great ideas!

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