There is a lot of advice out there about tip for plane travel with kids. I know this isn’t a new topic of conversation, but I know it’s an important one. Having recently traveled to Jamaica with a 14 month old and a 3.5 year old, we prepared for a long flight and it seemed like we still weren’t prepared enough. Here are my tips for plane travel with kids.

  1. For Every 20 Minutes of Travel Requires a New Activity
    Yes, you read that right. You need a lot of activities to keep those little minds and hand busy. The idea is that the minute they loose interest, SURPRISE, a new toy/book/game is introduced. With our 3.5 year old this wasn’t as big of an issue, our 14 month old though… goodness he lost interest quickly.
  2. Snacks Also Count as an Acitivity
    Snacks pass the time. I found granola bars, gold fish and apple juice were amazing “go to’s”. I also packed a few travel pouches of baby food/apple sauce for the kids. Distributing one piece at a time helps reduce the mess as well!
  3. Screen Time Is OK!
    Yeah, this one is a no brainer when you aren’t able to move for 5+ hours. We loaded the iPad Mini for our 3.5 year old with some Paw Patrol episodes and the Cars movie. This was such a life saver for us. I think next time however the little one will need his own screen, cause surprise surprise they don’t like to share.
  4. Spare clothes FOR EVERYONE
    Yes you’re brining extra clothes for the person wearing diapers, but how about the person holding that diaper wearing child? A blow out is the last thing you want to be walking around with. So, backup clothes for all travellers, k?

Those are just some of my tips for traveling with kids, what are yours? Would love to hear them!

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