We just got back from a great adventure to Jamaica. Traveling with kids to Jamaica was something I was bit concerned about. I️ wanted to know is Jamaica kid friendly. It’s not a known destination for families, but it should be! This was our experience to Jamaica.

We stayed about 35 min from Montego Bay at the Royalton White Sands resort an All Inclusive resort. It was the first time we had travelled as a family of four on a plane. We are experts at road trips, but  as we all know, planes are nothing like road trips. We did great and were able to manage the kinds a majority of the time!


We arrived on a Sunday very late at night, our Sunwing flight was delayed over 7 hours on the way out (THANK GOD I️ SIGN UP FOR TEXT AND EMAIL ALERTS otherwise we would have been at the airport at 5am for no reason). Upon arrival we got the kids bathed and everyone crashed. Travel days are hard on everyone and I find the travel day plus the first full day is always a day to get used to your new surroundings.

The first thing we noticed immediately was how nice the people of Jamaica are, and how much they love kids. I’ve never seen anything like this. Everywhere we went people were happy to stop and talk to our kids. This made for a great Segway to talk to locals.

The weather (we travelled in January) was mixed. Most days it rained a bit, and one day it rained the entire day, but we made the best of it. As long as it wasn’t intense rain or lightning we would stay in the pool (you’re wet anyways).

One day we hired a van taxi and visited the city of Falmouth. It’s a great town which was much more local then I️ had anticipated. Falmouth is a cruise port town so I️ assumed it would be lined with tourist shops… it is not. There are places to buy things but this town is also essential for locals who live around the area to buy goods for themselves. They say we want was a Wednesday which is the Bend Down Market day and not necessarily for tourist – it was very busy and a bit overwhelming but definitely and experience.

Every time we travel we have made it a tradition to buy a Christmas ornament and found a lovely one in Falmouth.

And regarding the airport with kids… always a concern as to what an airport can offer. The Montego Bay airport doesn’t have too much for kids to eat, so I’m very happy I️ packed extra baby food pouches for the kids as we were able to make sure they eat something of substance. (there was a lot of fast food options, but nothing really appealing for our guys). The airport does however have a lot of shops so if you were meaning to buy something , you can get it at the airport after security “no problem!”

Is Jamaica Kid friendly? Yes! Absolutely! We felt safe and the kids loved all the attention they got. If you weren’t interested in something someone was selling you, a simple “no thank you” and walk away was all you needed to do.

Travel to Jamaica it’s beautiful and the kids will love every moment if it!!

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  1. Jamaica is very beautiful, please come again!

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