Well, it’s sad to say, but the summer is almost over… and that can only mean one thing – winter is coming! (enter dramatic Game of Thrones music!) So you’re probably thinking about winter, sort of… and wonder when is the best time to buy or rent your skis & snowboard. The time is now!

Most people would argue that it may be too early, or that the deals won’t be there, or only the new stuff is available at full price.

Fact of the matter is: There is still a LOT of last years inventory available if you know where to look. If you head over to retailers that specialize in skis and snowboards all year long (don’t think mall sporting good stores) you’ll find they still have a healthy inventory of last years gear. Demand starts to pick up in October (In Canada anyways), however the stores usually are still getting their new models shipped to store. So it’s a good hybrid of new stuff and last years stuff, all still brand spanking new. For example, I once picked up brand new K2 skis for my kids the first week of October at a local shop in Quebec for 60% off the regular price mid October.

My other advice is to shop around BUT be quick to purchase. With great deals from previous seasons, those skis at 60% off won’t be sitting there for very long.

It’s exciting to know that that season is just around the corner and the time to buy is now!
See you all on the slopes!

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