This winter, Destination Owl’s Head will be offering its visitors three snowparks, a new activity to please the whole family. From beginners to experts, everyone will find something to enjoy and be amazed by the view of Lake Memphremagog.

Have you ever thought about hitting a jump and having the impression of landing directly in the lake? It’s unique!
It was through the partnership with Today’s Parc that the Owl’s Park was conceived.
Today’s Parc is dedicated to the art of developing snow parks of all levels, guaranteeing
fun and skill development in both skiing and snowboarding, without losing sight of the
safety aspect. Depending on the weather and snowmaking capacity, the snowparks should be ready to welcome skiers and snowboarders in early January 2022.

In short, Owl’s Head is getting: 3 snow parks, 7 jumps, 12 rails and modules, 1 boardercross,
2 double rollers, 1 hip, 1 volcano and 1 initiation pipe. I’m VERY excited for this news!

More about the Snowpark

LA HALT, designed for children 10 years of age and under, will be located at the base of
the mountain. In this introductory snow park, young people will be able to practise their
basic manoeuvres in the mini-module.

JCT 16-18
LA JCT 16-18 will consist of two snow parks. These two snowparks will be open to
everyone. The use of a helmet is mandatory for all snowpark users.

In trail 16, Cindy’s Slip, skiers and snowboarders will be able to enjoy a beginner-
intermediate level snowpark while trail 18, Panorama, will be intermediate-advanced.

This Park has been designed to offer a combination of a boardercross course (turns)
allowing skiers to have fun and diversify their descent with excitement.

This Park, oriented for intermediate-advanced skiers and snowboarders, will offer a great
diversity of modules, several types of boxes, rails to please everyone and live strong

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