It’s that time of year again…. GIFT GUIDE TIME OF YEAR! I know, I know… the season is not about gifts, but there is nothing wrong with getting yourself a little something, right!? My ultimate gift guide for women who snowboard is just that, a curated and thoughtfully crafted list of things you need and want to have the best season ever!
Now this guide does not include the lates boards or boots, no… those are pretty personal and depend on your experience level. This list covers things like soft goods, and exercise equipment to help you train for the best season yet! I’ve also include some après-ski favs, and some fun off-season toys as well. Trust me when I tell you, I made sure to put a list of some of my favourite things that I know you’ll love just as much as I do. I hope you get a little inspiration from this years gift guide. Thank you so much for reading and enjoy the gift guide, and see you on the slopes!

The Ultimate Gift Guide For Women Who Snowboard

  1. Ultra XL Snow Goggles (use code SNOWBOARDMOM20 for an extra 20% off) // 2. Baist Gloves // 3. Buff Neckwear // 4. 686 GLC Hydra Insulated Jacket
  1. Smatwool Intraknit™ Merino 200 Pattern Crew // 2. Smartwool Intraknit™ Merino 200 Pattern Bottom // 3. Smartwool Snow Full Cushion Pattern Over The Calf Socks // 4. 686 Mission Grid Fleece Hoodie // 5. Kelvin Ski Helmet (use promo code SNOWBOARDMOM20 for an extra 20% off)

Getting Ready for the season favourites…

  1. Theragun // 2. Bosu Ball // 3. TRX System // 4. Peach Booty Bands

For the summer season…

Chasing Blue SUP – complete kit $499 (use promo code SNOWBOARDMOM20 for an extra 20% off)

And finally, for the apres ski…

  1. Here for the Apres Crew // 2. Apres Actif Beanie // 3. National Geography 100 Slopes of a lifetime
  1. Sanuk COZY VIBE SLIPPER SM X GRATEFUL DEAD // 2. Brazilian Kiss Cupuaçu Lip Butter // 3. Vegan at Times // 4. Yeti Mug // 5. David’s Top Holiday Teas

That’s it for the 2021 ultimate gift guide for women who snowboard. I hope you found some inspiration.

Happy Holidays!

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