Ski Season is Done, Now What?

Well another great season on the slopes has come and gone, and it’s now time to transition from Winter to Spring / Summer. It’s strange time as it’s still too cold for water sports, but certainly too warm for skiing and snowboarding (well at least in Montreal where I’m located). I know there is still some skiing to be done is certain areas, but our season is officially done.

Take Care Of Your Gear, and Store It Properly

It’s really important to store your equipment properly. I always suggest that you have your hardgoods tuned before putting it away for the season. Something as simple as having the snowboard and skis waxed before being stored ensures that the equipment will stay in great shape over the summer. It also will be ready to go the moment that first snow fall hits.

You’ll also beat the rush of getting your gear tuned by taking care of that now vs. in the fall. We dropped our gear off at Oberson to get tuned up.

Gear Means Your Jackets Too!

Making sure everything is washed and 100% dry before storing is also super important. We wash all our gear, i’m talking gloves, jackets, helmets, goggles, and ensure they are 100% dry before storing them. It’s a bit of chaos for a couple days, but once everything is stored we know we won’t be finding any stinky (mold and who knows what else) surprises next fall.

Continue to Exercise

Even though the season is done, doesn’t mean you need to stop thinking about those squats, lunges and planks. Keeping up your ski and snowboard exercise routine is important throughout the entire year. You’ll prevent injury and you’ll feel very prepared for next winter. Need a great routine? Check out our Snowboard Mom Workout Guide created by Mel.

Look at Transitional Sports for the Summer

Me enjoying some stand up paddle boarding in Dominican Republic

I’ve already got my eye one a few great options for this summer that are great transitional sports. I’m an avid spinner on my Echelon bike during the winter, but as the weather gets nicer, I’ll be on my bike more and more and will start running and hiking. I’ll also be getting out on the water to do a lot of Stand Up Paddle (SUP) boarding.

I haven’t purchased my SUP board yet, but I’ve been really interested in the blow up versions of them. Once I have my board, i’ll surely be checking out Outdoor Master for some accessories, including their ever popular Air Pump.

As one seasons closes, a new season begins, and that’s perfectly alright with me!

Thanks for reading!

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  1. You’re my North American female twin (sort of)! We even have the same theme for our blogs lol. Snowboarding parents think the same, I suppose!

    Great blog and great writing. I stumbled onto yours a few weeks ago and found myself having come back to say hello! Keep up the snow blogging 🙂


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