Testing out The New BUFF® Filter Tube : Best Ski and Snowboard Face Mask of 2021

This year has been a year of adaptation on the slopes, and I’ve been discovering different face mask covers while on the slopes. Trying to find the best ski and snowboard mask of 2021 has not been easy. I’ve tested everything from regular rectangle mask (which work, but leave a lot of your face exposed) to simply using larger neck warmers (which didn’t do much to protect you), to finally this amazing product by Buff which is the Filter Mask.

A revolutionary neckwarmer for this new season! Featuring certified filters to keep you safer than ever.

The new BUFF® Filter Tube is a light weight neckwarmer (made from 95% recycled plastic bottles.) which features a certified filter to keep you and those around you safe. It’s a play on their iconic multifunction tub (which by the way I LOVE and have purchased many of in the past), however this filter tube has an inner pocket to place their certified filter with 98% Bacterial Filtration Efficiency. (Replacement filters recyclable in plastic bin.)

I really love this face mask option for a few reasons, but the most stand out reason is the protection from the spread of viruses as well as the protection from the elements. The filters that come with the Filter Tube comply with Surgical Mask Standard EN14683:2019 type I and II. This is what you need! I know that you could easily wear one of those blue face masks that yes would give you similar protection, that said, you are very exposed on the cheeks and on your neck. So you would have to get an additional neck warmer. I tired this combination a few times and it was not the best experience. With the cords around your ears, and the mask being pushed up or off with your neck warmer it simply became annoying. When I popped on the Filter Tube for the first time, it all just came together (and the mask stayed put!)

The Filter Tube sells for $38 CAD on the Buff website, or you can most likely find them at your local ski shop like Oberson in Laval or Brossard.

The Filter Tube comes with 5 disposable filters, and additional filters can be purchased for $30 for a pack of 30 (which is very reasonable). The Filter Tubes also come in children sizes, which is great for play and for skiing as well!

I know that this year has been full of ups and downs and a lot of adaptation on the ski hills. Finding the best ski and snowboard facemask for the season can be tricky, but it doesn’t have to be. Try out the Buff Filter Tube next time you hit the slops, you’ll thank me later 🙂

Thanks for reading, and happy ridding!


*Disclosure: I only recommend products I would use myself and all opinions expressed here are my own. Buff offered me a filter tube to review for this blog. I have purchased the multifunction tube from Buff and really stand behind the quality of their product. My opinion is 100% authentic.

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