The struggle to find the best kids ski goggles is very real. I have a box somewhere filled with kids goggles from years past, and they are either too big, too small, or just really cheap quality. I’ve constantly been on the hunt for the best kids ski googles, and today I think I may have found the perfect pair!
If you follow me on Instagram, or have been following my blog, then you know that I really have been loving OutdoorMaster Ski Google Pro Goggles for adults. These googles are affordable and they work really well. What I didn’t know was that OutdoorMaster also made a kids version of the same googles. So, I put the goggles to the Kids Ski Google Pro by OutdoorMaster to the test.

Our 6 year old wearing the Kids Ski Googles Pro by OutdoorMaster

We tested the Kids Ski Googles Pro by OutdoorMaster for both of my kids (ages 6 & 4). Our 6 year fell in-love with the look and feel of the googles. As seen in the picture above, the colours are very fun, and if we know anything about our kids, it’s that looks mean a lot! The more they pop, the better. He was very eager to give them a try, and after our first try on the ski with him, he told me “The googles are really super good!”

Now let’s get into why this snowboard mom loves these goggles. The goggles have 100% UV400 protection, and like the adult version of these goggles, they have triple layer soft foam which helps wick away the moisture all while staying comfortable and breathable. The googles are also helmet compatible, so the strap is long enough to fit on top of the helmet. The goggles stayed put, and lasted the day without any fogging issues.

These googles come in a variety of colour and VLT options.

When we tried the googles with my 4 year old, they were way too big. They kept slipping down and covering his nose. That said, OutdoorMaster only recommends these googles for children 6+, so it would make sense that they didn’t fit properly on our 4 year old.

Final Verdict
Yes, i would absolutely recommend the OutdoorMaster Kids Ski Goggle Pro for your child. With so many fun colours, the fact that they are helmet compatible and they have 100% UV400 protection are great for me.
Also, we didn’t talk about price but these goggles are VERY affordable. Currently they are listed on OutdoorMaster for $33 Canadian, and if you ADD the promo code “SNOWBOARDMOM10” you’ll get an additional 15%. So a great pair of goggles for under $30 for your kids, sign me up!

KIDS SKI GOGGLES PRO – 100% UV Protection Spherical Lens – Helmet Compatible – OTG VLT 58% Orange Lense

Want to try the OutdoorMaster Kids Ski Google Pro your kids? Head over to OutdoorMaster and use promo code: SNOWBOARDMOM10 for an additional 15% off your purchase!

*Disclosure: I only recommend products I would use myself and all opinions expressed here are our own. OutdoorMaster gave me a pair of goggles to review for this blog. My opinion is 100% authentic.
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