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Ah yes, the age old question… how do you make sure your kids stay warm on the hill. I’ve spent my fair share of time on the slopes in -30C weather, and spent years working in the outerwear retail world. I’ve tried it all, and at this point, I can confidently say I know how to dress kids for skiing and snowboarding.

The good news is, it’s really not that hard! It’s a simple 3 layer process, which includes a base layer, a mid layer and then the final outer layer. It’s important to stick to this guide when dressing your own kids for a day on the hill to make sure that they have the best time ever.

How to Dress Kids of Skiing

1st layer – Base Layer
It’s important to get this part right. Even though kids don’t sweat as much as adults do, you need a moisture-wicking material, and even better if you can get a Merino wool blend. We went with the ISBJÖRN Husky base layer top and Husky base layer longjon as it’s 49% Merino Wool 46% Bamboo 5% Nylon. The fit of the base layer should be fairly fitted, not so tight that they can’t move, but close to the skin. (Think skinny jeans!)

The base layer also includes socks, again look for a great breathable and marino wool blend sock that pulls up also as high as their knees. It should also have a strong elastic to stay in place!

1st layer – Base Layer

2nd layer – Mid-layer
Think of the mid-layer as the warm factor layer. Depending on the weather will depend on the kind of material you need. Here in Quebec, most winter days would require something toasty warm. Think primaloft or fleece – and don’t think cotton. Due to the fact that it absorbs a lot of moisture it will give that chill effect we do not want our kids to have on the hill. Our go to is the ISBJÖRN Panda Primaloft hoodie and Panda Primaloft pants. Reason why we love these is first off, they are PrimaLoft° Fleece and are a heavier mid later. They are super soft and the hood is removable making is less bulky when they are at the ski hill.

2nd layer – Mid-layer 

3rd Layer – Outer Layer 
You’ve got the base and mid layer sorted, now it’s time of a good quality water and windproof jacket and pants. This layer is the protection of the elements layer (the warmth layers were covered in the 1st and 2nd layer). You’re looking for something that fits well including being long enough in the arms and pants should cover the ski boot while sitting down on a chair (or a ski lift). Ideally you have pants with straps, or you have a 1 piece suite for the younger guys.
For our oldest, we went with the ISBJÖRN Carving Winter jacket that is made specifically for ski, as well as Powder Winter Pants which have adjustable straps and are a higher wasted pant, again made specifically for skiing.

3rd Layer – Outer Layer 

For our little guy, 1 piece is always the way to go, so the Penguin Snowsuit was for us! This fantastic suite has won Best-in-Test awards 7 times, and has all the bells and whistles you’s expect from a ski suit.

Knowing how to dress kids for skiing doesn’t have to be complicated. Making sure you have the right gear from head to toe does a really long way, and will ensure a fun and warm day on the hills.

I want to thank ISBJÖRN for providing our kids with this amazing gear for this season on the slopes. ISBJÖRN is focused on sustainability and making outdoor and skiwear that are environmentally friendly. They make the best possible outdoor wear for kids. You can now purchase ISBJÖRN online and ship it to Canada, or you can purchase in store at Mountain Equipment Coop, Sporting Life, and

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