Women supporting women, thats’ what the world is all about! (Or should be anyways!) There is a sense of community when it comes to women who ski or snowboard, especially if they are moms. Before kids, we were all exploring amazing hills and trails. When the kids came along, things slowed down for a bit, but as soon as we could, we were bringing our kids to the hill! Well that was the case for me, I’m sure these moms have similar stories!
Today I wanted to take a minute and share my top 4 women ski and snowboard moms to follow.

4 Ski and Snowboard Moms to Follow

Nicole from momtrends.com. Located in Vermont, she’s a skier and runner, and writer. I would be lying if I didn’t say I was slightly jealous that she is surrounded by some of my favourite American East Coast ski hills!

This fellow Canadian ski and snowboard mom is family travel and outdoor writer, Jami Savage of Adventureawaits.ca. Her kids are slightly older than mine and they have been enjoying every corner of this country in the most awesome ways! Check her out for some seriously cool content!

Next is Alyssa Kerickson of kidproject.org. She has a rocking instagram page and has posted some seriously jealous worthy ski images. Based in Utah, she’s a part time traveller and full time adventurer, oh and is a mom of three!

Based out of Colorado, Kristen of the Brave Ski Mom is an inspiration. She’s a cancer survivor and and award winning writer, and a mom of boys.

So there you have it. My follow Friday shout out to some seriously awesome ski moms! Follow them, and if you have any other recommendations, I’m all ears!

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