How to Save Money on Skis for Kids

It’s an exciting time to get the family on the slopes, trust me, I’ve been there! The the price associated with getting your kids ready for the hills, on the other hand, is not as exciting. It’s important to gear your kids up appropriately to make sure they have the best time skiing or snowboarding, but the question remains:  how do you save money on skis for kids?  This is a valid question. Today,  I’m sharing with you my cost saving tips to getting your kids slope ready all while saving money!

My Tricks on How to Save Money on Skis for Kids

The price of outfitting a child for brand new skis can start at around $250 CND and escalate very quickly from there. The fact is, in most cases the gear only lasts for one season as kids grow so quickly. I’ve got some tricks to share with you on how to save money and make sure your kids have the best gear.

End of Season Sales

This is my favourite thing if you’re buying kids ski gear. You get brand new, but at 40-60% off the retail price. I’ve seen $300 skis for $120 and $120 skis for $80. At these prices, you feel a lot better about the purchase and if you have other kids who could use the equipment, you can hand it down and stretch your dollar even further.

New Skis Means Longer Use.  The great thing, and one of my most favourite things about new skis for kids, is that you can pass them down to siblings. Although the initial cost is more than buying used, the savings of passing them to your other kids may actually outweigh the initial price tag. You’ll also have amazing resale value and may be able to get a few more bucks when you’re done with them and ready to sell them.

IMG_3640 2Renting Equipment 

This is a great way to save money and get fairly great condition skis for the kids. Last year we rented ski boots locally from a swap and trade ski shop here in Montreal. The experience wasn’t terrific, but the boots were!
Alternatively, most ski hills will rent out skis for the season when you’re enrolling in their snow school program, and prices are really reasonable based on how many seasons the equipment has been used. I would suggest to go not too much older than 2 years.


Ski Club Sales / Ski Bazars

A few resorts will hold ski swaps or major ski and snowboard shows do something similar as well. You’ll get great gear that is slightly used at a fraction of the new price. It’s important to go to these knowing what the full retail price was and really weighing your options to make sure you aren’t overpaying (or if you spent $30 more would you get brand new). In most cases you get great savings, but it doesn’t hurt to do a bit of research first.

Ski Swapping

If you have skis that are too small, consider taking them to one of the ski bazars or a store that sells used gear. You may be able to swap your skis for a new pair, or have a credit towards a brand new pair of skis. (Bonus if the skis are last years model… that’s even MORE savings!)

Kijiji or Facebook Marketplace

Another great option is to search online. If you know the size of skis and boots you need, it doesn’t hurt to search online from local sellers. We were able to grab a great pair of skis for $40 once that ended up being used by both our kids. You will need to get them tuned up professionally, so you’ll need to factor that in the price, however there is great value in the used market. I find the best time to by is early fall and end of season. Once the snow falls, it may be harder to find great deals.


Thos are my tips on how to save money on skis for kids. Wishing you a wonderful ski season!


-The Snowboard Mom


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