Let’s be honest. Skiing and snowboarding is expensive. It’s certainly at par with hockey and everything that goes into that.  As adults, we can justify splurging on great boots as we know we’ll have be wearing them for several seasons to come. It’s not that simple with kids. So how do you save money on kids ski gear?
There are a lot ways to save money when your kids, and I’ve been doing as much as I can to stretch my families dollar. When it comes to ski gear for your kids, there is a lot you can save on, but there are some things (in my mind) that you absolutely have to splurge on and buy brand new.

Here I’ve broken down my tips on how we saved for our kids ski gear. What I haven’t focused on is here is lift tickets. There are several deal sites (including costco) that have discounted tickets. If you live in near Montreal and have smaller kids, I’ve already created a list of the various prices of children’s tickets here.

Here are my tips on how to save money when your kids ski:


  • Skis and boots. There are two options here to save money. Local shops may rent out gear for the season. Alternatively search local groups and facebook market place for used gear.
  • Base layer and warmth layer: We bought these new but at an amazing price. We got both the kids base layer from Burton. For a set (top and bottom) you can usually find them for less than $40. (last years models are just as good as this years, and last years is ALWAYS ON SALE)
    As for fleece – OLD NAVY! We picked up fleece pants and sweater for less than $20 total. L Man’s fleece top was on liquidation and came out to $4! Shop the sales, shop the sales rack!
  • Jacket and Snow pants: For the most part, I use what they wear to school/daycare for their ski lessons. We do happen to have extra snow pants, so we we have ski specific pants, but otherwise, it’s all the same. No extra snowsuits required.
  • Ski/Snowboard bag: Any old duffle bag (or Ikea bag for that matter) will do. I will suggest a separate bag for boots from the rest of the soft goods.
  • Googles: Head over to a play it again, a sales rack, a ski swap… or amazon for affordable kids ski googles.  Don’t spend too much on kids googles until there are older. They will throw them on the ground, they will scratch them, the will most likely loose them.


  • Helmets: this isn’t something you want to pick up used. If you have friends who have one to lend, that could be an option, but I would buy these new. **TIP: costco usually has helmets in the summer/fall that are great. My son currently has one and we love it. **
  • Ski Socks: Cold feet = an awful time. We usually stock up at the end of the season with the Kombi Kids Ski Socks
  • Mitts: Like the socks, cold hands = miserable kids. Get gortex mittens for the kids. You’re outside for at least 1.5hours and the snow will eventually penetrate. You want as waterproof as possible. And usually the gortex mittens are lined with ultra warm linings, so its worth the splurge.

Other tips to help save is asking for some key items for Christmas or Birthdays. I like Christmas because it’s close to the beginning of ski season and sort of gets everyone excited for that first day on the hills. And plus, how many more plastic toys do they need anyways.

And lastly, off season is a gold mind of deals and sales. I once got $400 snowboard boots for only $200 because I bought them in July. It’s worth it to always be looking for those deals.

I hope some of my tips were helpful. Let me know if you have any additional tips or tricks.

Thanks for reading!

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