Family Ski Vacations are a lot of fun and although it’s a break from the everyday, it’s a vacation like no other. There is a lot more work and planning involved.

When travelling with kids, you have to pack so many things, and when traveling for winter sports, there are even more things to bring like snow suites, base layers, fleece, snow boots and so much more.

Here are some of my tips when booking a family ski vacation:

1. Rent skis for the kids at the resort.
Bring the children’s boots (which you can do carry-on with one of those amazing ski back packs). Trust me, having one less equipment bag to carry and check in the airport will make your life easier.

Another thing I figured out after the first trip to a ski hill with the kids was how important the accommodation at the hill needs to be.

2. Find apartment style accommodations.
From an AirBnb style of accommodations or perhaps even a suite, but something with a kitchen area, separate living area and closed bedrooms makes things so much easier. Logistically speaking, you can have a simple breakfast and even prepare snacks in the kitchen before you hit the slopes, and when the kids crash at the end of the day, you can spend some time to decompress and even enjoy a nice glass of wine.

Some of the best family ski vacations we’ve had were at resorts that had lots to offer for kids and adults alike.

3. My last tip is to find a resort with great amenities.
Some of our favourite resorts have great things like skating rinks, snow tubing, evening fireworks, ice climbing walls and even extra shows and children specific activities. The more you can do on the resort, the less you need to worry about traveling (again) to activities off the resort. Plus everyone is busy and having a lot of fun.

So there you have it, a few helpful tips and things to consider while planning a family ski vacation abroad.

Looking forward to hearing where you’re traveling to next.

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