Work Life Balance When You Work and Have Kids

I won’t lie. Having a career, being a mom, a wife, and trying to work on some passions projects is really hard. The work life balance is a constant struggle. Our kids grow up so fast, and some days I feel like I’m missing some of the moments with them.
I’ve been working on a better work life balance as a mother, and I’m by no means not an expert on that, but I’ve certainly learnt a few things a long the way.

It’s a hard subject to even try and start to break down, but I’m going to do my best to share a few things that have really helped me balance motherhood and a career.

Taking the time for you is #1. 
Recently I’ve joined a gym that is open very early, and 3 times a week I wake up at 5:20am so that I can do a class and be home before 7am. Sounds crazy, I know. But the benefits of the workout have really done me a world of good. I’m investing in me, I’m feeling better about myself and our schedules are not impacted. The kids are also asleep when I leave and are just waking up when I’m back. So I haven’t missed any of those moments and I’m not sacrificing those precious afterwork until bedtime hours with the kids either.

Another great thing is some serious self care like take a day off at work and send the kids to the daycare. Yes. My husband and I always make a point of this during our summer holidays. This summer we even went to the Spa for the day. It was amazing. That 1 day does a world of good.

Getting additional Child Care
I’m lucky that at times I can work from home if my kids are sick, but this isn’t always possible. And I try not to do it on any regular basis. Kids get sick… a lot,  and that first year of daycare is hell. Let’s be honest there are a LOT of sick days.

If you’re like us, we don’t have family close by to help us on a regular basis. It’s few and far between. We’ve been lucky to find an amazing sitter that can help us in times of need. Looking at resources like domestic helpers can help, or even other sites and groups more local could be a great resources. Always do your due diligence before inviting someone into your home and watching your kids.


Outsource Housework
I know that to some people this may seems like an extravagance, but I always say, I may not have a Chanel Hand Bag, but I do have time with my kids on the weekend all because of our amazing cleaning lady who comes to the house every other week. It’s been such a game changer and I don’t know why I waited so long to have someone help us with the housework.

My last and most important tip is trust your spouse. I know this sounds basic and you’re probably thinking “duh” but trust your spouse with Dr’s appointments, with swimming lessons. They can do it all, and when you are starting to feel drained, you can tap out and let them take over for a day.  Trust me, they can do it! It may not be the exact way you’d do it, but the job will get done.

Thanks for reading. This blog post was sponsored by domestic helpers – as always all opinions are my own. 

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