I am so over this winter already and it’s not even January. I mean, it’s awful. It’s either -20 one day, or +2 with freezing rain. It’s gros.
That’s why i’m so happy that we are taking the kids to Playa del Carmen, Mexico for a week. If you haven’t done all inclusive resorts with your kids before, you’re seriously missing out. We are heading to Hotel Xcaret, an amazing hotel located about an hour form the Cancun Airport in Mexico. We love all-inclusive resorts, and Hotel Xcaret is supposed to be amazing. Especially with the kids.

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If you’re on the fence about an all inclusive resort… fear not. I’ve listed my top 10 reasons why Family Friendly Vacations are  best served at all-inclusive resorts.

  1. You will not need to cook for an entire week. (I think you stop here, and book a trip. No other reasons is needed).
  2. Instead of asking “what’s for dinner” ask “Should we go to the Buffet or the A La Carte” (easy!)
  3. Kids Clubs/Mini Clubs are like Daycare. But more fun, and you can come and go as you please.
  4. The Pools! So many pools! And bonus if you get a resort with a specific kids pool/water attraction.
  5. The Beach! Building sandcastles near the sea should never be underestimated. Literally hours of fun!
  6. Not Cleaning for a Week. AH-MAZING!
  7. Organizing is MUCH easier. No need to stress about packing diaper bags for the day. Just bring what you need and hey… if you forget something, it’s a 5 min walk back to the room. No Biggie!
  8. Experiencing new things and making unique memories. Having dedicated family time together for a week. It’s a special time.
  9. No default to Screen Time when you’re kids are driving you crazy... just head to the beach/pool/mini club/buffet. Switch pools even, the kids will love that!
  10. Your price for the week is set. No hidden surprises… easier to budget.  If the trip is $3,000. You know it’s $3,000. The only extra is a few extra bucks for airport food and tips during your week. LOVE IT!

So those are my reasons why I love all-inclusive resorts so much. Especially since my kids are only 2 and 4 years old. It’s a perfect way for us parents to relax as well as our kids to have fun!

Thanks for reading!

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