I travel a bit for work. Not like George Clooney from the movie “Up in the Air” travel a lot, but I do my fair share. If I think back to 2018 I traveled for work 6 times. All of these times included a few nights away from my family. It’s hard to be away from the kids and the daily life, but I love my job and I’m super passionate about what I do. A few of my friends are in the same situation as I am. Being a working mom is great and empowering and why not!? (Although being a stay at home mom is the hardest job in the world… I’m not comparing… you women deserve a medal!)

When I do travel for work, the week before involves a lot of meal planning, house prepping and arranging any additional support  (back up sitters just in case). My husband and I work on this together as a team, it just makes things easier for everyone when I’m gone.
Do I miss my kids when I leave? Sure do, but I’ll be honest it’s super nice to have grown up dinners and sleep in a bit in the hotels.

What always amazes me is when I do travel work, people who I meet usually ask “who’s watching the kids while you’re here” Obviously it’s the person who is also raising my children alongside me, my husband…. who else would it be?
And when men travel work are they ever asked the same question. Doubtful. (which they travel A LOT, have you seen the business class section male to female ratio on your last flight recently? Easily 1 women for every 10 men) 

Honestly, I know it’s sometimes a conversation starter, and other times it comes from a place of “there is no way I could do it alone” mentality… which is fair(?)… but at the end of the day it’s sexist and annoying and I’m not having any of it.

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