I’m big on snacks…. no for real. Anytime i’m doing something for work, personal, travel… it’s ALL about the snacks and what kind of snacks and making sure we have enough snacks. When it comes to snacks while snowboards, one of my GO-TO’s is ALWAYS CLIF!

CLIF provides the organic energy Canadians need (snack, fuel, and recovery) for any sort of snow activity.  CLIF Bar is the original energy bar made with wholesome ingredients that deliver energy. CLIF Bars have whole ingredients you can see and taste, such as rolled oats, fruits and nuts.

Contains a unique blend of simple and complex carbohydrates and organic rolled oats for energy  

·       Delivers a source of plant-based protein  

·       Made with organic ingredients, including local Canadian organic oats  

·       Available in flavours such as Chocolate Brownie, White Chocolate Macadamia Nut, Chunky Peanut Butter and many more 

Below are a few of our favourites ways I enjoy CLIF bars at the hill!

For a long day of riding, pack an original CLIF Bar. So clutch for a long day on the slopes. 

If you’re skinning up the mountain, try Nut Butter Bar… you know you need snacks but you don’t need to protein load fully.

For the kids ski day, try CLIF Kid ZBar it’s super delicious and organic

And my all time go to is the CLIF Minis for chair lift snacks!

Below is a more in-depth look at all the bars I mentioned

CLIF Nut Butter Bar 

Made with wholesome organic ingredients, local Canadian oats and real nut butters, CLIF Nut Butter Bar is a delicious plant-based snack bar that provides a balanced mix of wholesome ingredients to help satisfy during a busy day. The plant-based snack bar is certified organic and is available across Canada now just in time for spring. Crave-worthy snack that satisfies your tastebuds!  

·       Plant-based, organic snack bar  

·       9-11g of whole grains and 5–7g of protein 

·       Delicious nut butter filling  

·       Made with local Canadian organic oats and wholesome nut butters 

·       Available in classic Peanut Butter, Chocolate & Hazelnut Butter, Coconut & Almond Butter, and Maple & Almond Butter flavours.  

CLIF Kid ZBar 

Imagination needs fuel! Sized for little hands and made with delicious, wholesome organic ingredients, CLIF Kid Zbar is crafted with active kids in mind—whether they’re on the field or in the backyard.   

·       Organic, soft-baked energy snack bar, with organic oats from Canada   

·       Delivers great taste, as well as 10-12g of whole grains and is a source of fibre  

·       Contains no high fructose corn syrup or artificial flavours, and it’s non-GMO 

·       Available in Chocolate Chip, Brownie and Iced Oatmeal Cookie flavours  


CLIF is excited to introduce CLIF BAR Mini! Fuel up with a mini but mighty snack from CLIF. CLIF BAR Minis offer a perfectly portioned energy boost from 110 calories and an optimal blend of fat and carbs for adventures of any size.  

·       Plant-based energy snack bar  

·       100-110 calories, containing a unique blend of carbohydrates for energy 

·       Organic and non-GMO 

·       Made with organic ingredients, including local Canadian organic oats  

·       Available in classic CLIF BAR flavours, including Chocolate Chip and Crunch Peanut Butter ·      

CLIF BAR’s are available are your local grocery store and most pharmacies.

Thanks for reading, and see you out there!

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