Well we are in the midst of winter, and the ski season, which has been met with many challenges and adjustments due to Covid-19 protocols has been off to a great start.

We have seasons passes at Ski Chantecler which is located about 55 minutes north of Montreal. We really have been enjoying ourselves there, and make a point to hit the slopes at least once a week. During the holidays, private lessons were still permitted at the ski hill in Quebec, and so we took advantage of that as much of we could so that our kids could get a really great ski base before lessons were cancelled.

How Are the Ski Hills Managing with Limited Capacity and Social Distancing

Honestly, the hills, especially Ski Chantecler has been doing a really great job at managing it. Our hill is less busy than other hills in the area, so the chairlift line has never been that long. (I think I may have waited inline once for about 5 minute). For the most part, you are on the chairlifts within a few minutes.
There are also staff walking around the chalet area as well as in the lines for the chairlifts, enforcing social distancing and face covering rules. Yes, even if you’re not in the line or on the chairlift, you still are required to cover you face at all times. (except of if you’re eating).

In terms of limited capacity, as we have a seasons pass, we haven’t had any issues with being able to access the hill. That said, Ski Chantecler is one of the few hills that doesn’t limit the amount of people that come to the hill – what they do limit is the parking lot (it can only take so many people at one time).

In terms of food, our hill, as well as most other hills, have created access to the cafeteria via an outdoor option. Ski Chantecler has a window that you can easily purchase your food from, and there are plenty of picnic benches for you to enjoy your food at.
We usually bring our lunch, and head back to the car to have our lunch there. (One less thing to bring to the base of the mountain).

Overall the season as been a great one, and we are so happy that we are able to enjoy the sport that we love so much. If you haven’t had the chance to go skiing or snowboarding this season, GO! It’s so fun to get outside, burn some energy and create some fun memories as a family on the ski hill!

Thanks for reading and happy skiing!

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