Me back in 2009 at Fernie Resort, BC

2020 has been, well… you know, it’s been hard. In a year that has been filled with ups and downs as well as really trying moments for me personally at home and at work, it’s been a hard year to say the least. I know every parent and most people out there feels the exact same way I do. No matter if you’re a working parent, a stay at home parent, or somewhere between, it has been taxing for all of us. The new normal isn’t fun, it’s not exciting, and it’s not ideal… but that’s what this year has been unfortunately.
It feels like everything has been taken away. Honestly, the kids no longer have things to do on the weekends, I look back and think how much I miss hustling to swim class and to soccer practice but those things just all ended overnight. One of my biggest stress relief’s in the last two years has been going to the gym, and I really loved going to the gym! I was going Orangetheory, and if you know Orangetheory at all, it’s pretty high intense and it’s definitely a stress relief. I was waking up at 5 AM so that I could get a really great work out every morning at 5:45 AM and I miss that so much.

So here we are, the second week of December and it’s cold but it doesn’t feel like Christmas or winter just yet. It rains a lot, and it’s not a whole heck of a lot of fun. So yes, I am really looking forward to skiing and snowboarding as a family again. It’s getting something back, it’s having something to look forward too again, and the best part is, we’ll be having fun as a family.

I live in Montreal, Quebec, and our provincial government has created coloured zones for covid-19 cases. From green, yellow, orange and red, the zone colours determines what is permitted and what is not so that we can help reduce the spread. I am so thankful that the government has said that no matter what colour zone we are in, and how many cases there are, we will still be allowed to go snowboarding and skiing, which means so much!

So here’s to winter 2021! Here’s to being able to ski and snowboard again. Here’s to having something to look forward to again.

Hang in there, like me, you’re not alone.

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