Heading to the ski hill with the kids is no joke. There are so many things to manage! I’ve gone through a few winter of kids on the hills, and every year I get better at it. Today i wanted to share my tips for making this easier at the hill. Hopefully this post inspires you to take up skiing this winter with the kids or make you feel a little less overwhelmed ! Here are my 5 simple tips for skiing with kids, and making things easy for you!

My Tips for Skiing With Kids – Making Things Easy

Get Your Family A Sled
Sleds are great and cheap way to get the gear and kids from the car to where you need to be. You can pile all of the kids gear in there. When the kids are big enough to carry some of the gear on their own, well, you can still use that sled for your skis and boards. You don’t need to invest in a super fancy sled, but make sure the sled has a bit of a wall around is so that your kids won’t slip off and gear won’t tumble off.

Proper Ski Bags
Last year we introduced proper ski bags to our routine and it made life SO MUCH EASIER! Ski bags have compartments for boots, helmets, all their accessories, AND the kids carry their own bag! I love the one Oberson has put together as it’s stylish and really fits everything and is extremely affordable at only $45!

Bring Your Own Lunch
This mom hack is also a money saving one too! It’s possible that for the entire ski season, we spent maybe a total of $10 for hot chocolates. How you ask? We packed lunches, and really good ones at that. Every member of the family had their own lunch box with sandwich, fruits and veggies, a drink, and a nice little dessert like a chocolate chip cookie or muffin. It became our routine to settle in after ski school, and all enjoy our lunch together.

Hand warmers are KEY at the hill!

Keep the Kids Warm!
In Canada, the winters are cold! Hand and feet warmers are a must! They keep kids toasty and happy for their entire ski class! My mom hack for these is to always have a bunch of hand warmers in the ski bags so that you never forget them (or overpay for them at the ski hill).

Protect Your Phone
Now this may not seem like a mom hack, but it totally is. Having your phone freeze up while trying to capture those family ski moments is the worst. The cold kills your battery life, and so that fully charged phone goes from good to zero in a matter of 30 minutes. I love the Phone Phoozy which is a great way to protect and make sure your phone stays warm!

Outdoor Master Ski Straps are a life saver!

Last season I STRUGGLED with all the kids ski gear. It’s been life changing to introduce these ski straps made by OutdoorMaster. You can officially be hands free with these bad boys as you carry them like you would a purse!
These little life savers are only $17, PLUS you get an extra 10% off with promo code: SNOWBOARDMOM10
Get your snow straps here.

So those are my tips for skiing with kids and making things easy, I hope i’ve helped you out just a little bit for the upcoming ski season.

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