Where to Rent Skis for Kids in Montreal

The question I’m most often asked by other parents is, where to rent skis for kids in Montreal? Being someone who only ever skied a handful of times in her life (remember I’m a snowboard mom, not a ski mom), I never had a great answer to that question. Our experiences has been less than stellar and we’ve leaned mostly towards the used equipment market, which isn’t terrible, it’s just very hit and miss.

Well, that has all changed. I can tell you with 100% confidence that that Oberson is the best place to get skis for your kids and for the entire family.

Junior Ski Rentals

Getting sized for ski boots at Oberson in Laval.

So let’s dive into the ski rentals, as this is where Oberson shines. Our 3 (almost 4) year old needed some new skis and new boots. We were thinking about once again going the used market route, but after looking at the prices people were selling decent gear at, and not knowing exactly his size for ski boots, we decided to go for rentals.
Once we got to the store, we told our sales associate what we needed, and before you know it, our little guy was getting his feet sized for ski boots.
He quickly had two options, and we went with the second option as it fit seemed better.
Next thing you know, he was out with some skis, and that was it. We provided his weight, height and his experience level and 20 minutes later we had our little guys skis.

For only $79 we got practically brand new skis and boots for the season!

Yes, these are rentals! Practically brand new skis and boots and for only $79!

Here are the details for junior ski rentals:

  • Used equipment including boots and skis/board: 79.95$
  • New equipment including skis and boots: 149.95$
  • New equipment including snowboard and boots: 179.95$
  • NO installation fees or reparation will be added. No deposit asked.
  • Some models are excluded from the rental program.
  • All junior equipment rented for the season must be returned in-store by October 2021.

Purchasing Junior Skis

We’ve actually never purchased a brand new pair of skis for our 6 year old, but after 3 years of lessons, he’s ready for some proper skis, and knowing we can use these skis for his brother later on, it was an investment we were willing to make.

Skis can be expensive, but lucky for us there was a lot of inventory from last season left! Most of the ski boots and skis for kids from last year were about 40% off. We got a great pair of K2 Indy FastTrack skis reg. $269 for only $161, and a pair of Rossignol Ski Boots originally $139 for only $83. The bindings on the skis were included in the price as was the set up.

It was so easy and at his age it was a question about experience and ability and we had a lot of skis and boots to choose from. The process was simple and we never felt pressured into getting a specific brand or model.

All geared up for the ski season and ready to go!

So that was our experience, and we were very excited to get the kids new gear for the 2020/2021 ski season (and they were just as excited!)

Before you go the store, I have a few tips for you:

  • Visit the store sooner than later. It was busy when we went on October 3rd, and so it’s only going to get busier as the season gets closer.
  • Bring the kids with you, having their measurements isn’t enough, you need them to be physically there. Make sure they are well rested and well fed – they will be trying on things and being sized up (it’s never kids favourite things), so having them in a A+ mood is key!
  • Bring the kids ski socks. This will make things easier to size the boots.
  • If you go , go during the week, it’s suggested as they are limiting the amount of people in the store during these times. We went on a Saturday and it was fine, but it can get busy.

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