What to wear to Disneyland was something I googled time and time again before my actual trip. The thing was, I didn’t want to feel to casual, I still wanted to keep a bit of my style… however I needed to be practical to rides and chasing after two kids under the age of 5.

Here is what What to Wear to Disneyland – Mom Edition


My style concept was simple. A pair of comfortable yet fashionable running shoes, black leggings, a T-shirt (Disney themed of-course) and a top layer jacket. Oh, and Minnie ears!



I got these really cute and practically running shoes from New Balance. They are the Fresh Foam Cruz v2 Knit. I got them on sale for $99 CAD and they were super comfy and stylish.

Screen Shot 2019-05-14 at 2.52.26 PM


I picked out 3 super cute T-Shirts that would go with a pair of black leggings. Naturally you NEED a Disney themed shirt while at Disney… and so the hunt began before I even got there.

I found this AMAZING t-shirt on amazon. The logo says Making Magic Happen, which is SUPER cute for Disney as it was only $15. (the price is always changing, because… amazon). I wore this shirt the day we visited Disney California Adventure… and thank GOD because when we visited Disneyland EVERYONE was wearing the same shirt. I sized up for this shirt which i’m thankful i did. It’s super cute and i’ll totally wear it again.

I also grabbed a few Mickey themed T-shirts from H&M and found that a lot of local retailers have mickey and Minnie t-shirts from time to time. Check Zara, Walmart, Gap/Old Navy and if you’re lucky enough to live close to one… The Disney Store is also another options.


I got this super cute jean jacket from the GAP. It’s the icon denim jacket, and it comes in womens tall… which is AMAZING as i’m 5’10”
It worked well as it was a bit cool in the morning and evenings at Disneyland, and in the afternoon it was too hot, I could easily take it off.


This might have been the easiest one to pull off. I’m wearing lululemon black running leggings and I actually wore them for all three days. They are black, so total win, and they were so super comfy there were no issues with power walking to the next ride or 



I truly believe that Minnie Ears are the PERFECT final touches to any women’s Disney look. Our very first stop once we got to Disneyland was World of Disney which is located right in the heart of Downtown Disney.  There were seriously so many ears. Like too many… but maybe not enough… They run for around $27USD
I when with the Minnie Ears Ball Cap, cause i thought it was going to be super sunny so the ears were cute but also practical…. that being said it wasn’t sunny at all when we were there and now I wish I had gotten the rose gold ones. Next time.


Fanny Pack

So at first i was SUPER skeptical of wearing a fanny pack. YES, I know they are back in… but like am I really going to be that mom wearing a fanny pack? Well turns out I am, and I loved it. I wore the Fifteen Hip Pack by Herschel which easily fit my phone, wallet, had cream, phone charge and lots of other things. As there is a lot of ditch the stroller/backpack and go on a ride, knowing anything of value was always on me was a great piece of mind.

Screen Shot 2019-05-14 at 3.14.39 PM.png


So that’s my Disneyland Look and what I wore on our 3 days of Disney. What are your thoughts? What’s your go to piece for theme parks. Thanks for reading. 

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