Mom Shaming My Kid Using an iPad on a Plane

Obviously I love travel and travel tips, and especially love being part of facebook groups relating to mother hood, traveling and my neighbourhood. (because the way of the online forum has slowly died) Recently I was helping another mom on the women’s travel forum that I’m a part of with ideas about how to keep her 2 year old busy on a long flight. There were suggestions of activities and lots of snacks (all of which you can read more about my top tips for keeping kids happy on a flight here), and then someone included a comment about iPads. Oh yes, the age old debate of iPad and screen time came up.
Another women (clearly older who’s kids most likely have kids of their own) started shamming that mom and all the other moms who were suggesting the iPad was a great idea, and essentially telling us all that we were bad moms. Yup. It happened. I clapped back. And the tribe of other mamas were all aligned.

The concept of an iPad to keep a child distracted during a flight (or a restaurant) is totally acceptable. I very aware of screen time limitations and only use the iPad for my kids in situations where they have no choice but to sit there and be still.

Kids by nature do not want to sit still for 5 hours straight, so finding that one thing that keeps them entertained is key. (Thank you Apple of the invention of iPads!!!!)   We know planes are not the place to have little ones run around. It’s long, it’s boring… you can’t move… it’s the worst if you’re a little kid. So these distractions make it easier, for everyone!

The alternative to  iPads, toys and treats is, you guessed it… kicking seats, whining and eventually screaming. It’s sad, but on the airplane, it’s 100% true.  And I can assure you that the women on the facebook group who shammed the iPad toting mamas will be the first person to give us that nasty “can’t you control your child” look.

So don’t shame us lady, mothers are trying hard to have well behaved perfect children, especially on a plane, and the alternative to the iPad is a total nuisance to you… so think it through next time you shame a bunch of moms just trying to discover the world with their kids.

Until next time,


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