It’s been a hot few weeks, and we’ve been taking FULL advantage of this amazing weather (our summer season is so short might as well right?)

We spent last weekend at Mont Tremblant at the Tremblant resort. We lucked out with the weather which was great for pool and beach time. Today I’m going to share with you a great way to spend the day at the Tremblant Village.


With kids this is a pretty great time. As we all know our kids wake up at the crack of dawn, you can start your morning with a Starbucks and walk around the quiet village. Most of the activities open at 9am, so you get the place to yourself and best part no lines! Let the kids run up and down and all around!

We went straight for the Eurobungy (which always has long lines in the afternoon) and Maxwell enjoyed two turns on what can only be described as a giant jolly jumper! Liam wasn’t into it, but could have gone on it as the min weight requirement is 30lbs.

Mid Morning

We took a gondola ride to the top of Mont Tremblant, which again was amazing as there was really no one there and we had the place to ourselves. There is a bathroom and a place to grab a quick snack at the top of the hill. So spend some time walking around, check out the lookout and you may even see a deer or two.

Head back down and test your skills on the LUGE! This is one of the biggest attractions in the village. Everyone is capable of driving a luge and little kids can sit in their parents lap no problem! My husband and I both took turns taking Maxwell down on the luge. (Liam was a sleep by this point).


We decided to have our lunch at the Beach Club which is about a 15 min walk from the village (or a quick 5 min drive). We enjoyed a lunch trio and spent most of the afternoon hanging out at the beach. The beach is great as it is private. Note that you are not allowed to bring in your own food as they sell food.

The beach has sand toys the kids can use and lots of lawn chairs and umbrellas for shade. My husband decided to relive his youth and check out the floating iceberg. It’s a 20 min activity that is a lot of fun. (That’s him flying off the side)

Late Afternoon

Head back to the hotel to get ready for dinner, but first go for a vita ride! Most people don’t know there is a small pond behind the Holiday inn hotel which you can rent a mini electric boat and become your very own captain. It’s Captains harbour and it’s a fun activity to take little kids on. We jumped on this before heading back to the hotel for dinner. A nice way to take in an extra bit of adventure, right near the hotels.


There is a lot of dinner options in the village. From pizza to chain restaurants or independent options there is something for everyone and everyone’s taste buds.

After dinner

The village comes ALIVE at night. Walking around taking in the sights and sounds is a lot of fun. With little kids, we defiantly didn’t go out and enjoy the night life but there is plenty bar options when the sun goes down (or the casino).

So there you have it. A full day of family friendly activities at Tremblant. For the best experience stay at least one night. I’ve stayed at both the Holiday Inn and L’ermitage du Lac and I would say both are great options. Both have pools, free breakfast and rooms made for families.

All the activities mentioned were part of the activity cards which give you access to 3, 5 or 7 activities and it’s a major savings. A great value and a great way to enjoy the resort.

Have questions about Tremblant, don’t be shy! Ask away!!

*The activity cards were a gifted experience from Tremblant, how we all opinions and comments are my own.

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