Last week, we took our toddler (3 years old to be exact) to new heights by visiting Montreal’s Voiles en Voiles in the Old Port. If your child is currently going through the pirate stage (like ours), Voiles en Voiles is a great place to try something new, burn tons of energy and satisfy their need to say “ARRR MATEY” the entire day!

So what is the Voiles en Voiles exactly? Well, it’s an aerial adventure pirate ship with 10 course and over 100 obstacles, including a rock climbing wall as well as an inflatable playground. The courses range from 1 meters high to 10 meters high.
If you’re thinking there is no way this was suitable for little kids, you’d be wrong.  The entry level course was perfect for our guy. Our first try on the course,  I went on the course with him (right behind), but we soon discovered it’s a lot easier for me to be off the course to guide him through. Being that he is so little (and one of the courses youngest mates) it took about 15 minutes to complete they easy course (maybe it was closer to 20).


At first he wasn’t sure, but as we went through the courses… and started to gain more and more confidence he had a great time. By the second time we did the course, he even mastered the mini zip line (which is literally the cutest thing), perfect for someone his size.
The scenery itself is really encouraging for little kids, anytime he wasn’t sure about taking the next step, it was all about talking up the pirates and being a pirate on the ship. He loved it!

The sun was beating down on us pretty hard that day, so two runs was great. I decided it was time for me to have a little fun, so I gunned it for the 7.5 meter course… needless to say it was too high for me and I turned around. The 4.5 meter course was just right!  (that’s me on the 4.5 meter course… killing it!)

The other great thing about the Voiles en Voiles was the inflatable games (bouncy castles). Great for little kids to burn off some steam and perfect for the younger crowd.

Would I recommend the Voiles en Voiles for younger kids? Absolutely! It’s a lot of fun, and it’s something different that everyone will get a kick out of (even mom and dad!)

What you need to know about bringing little kids to les Voiles en Voiles

  • Price is based on time you plan on staying, there is a special rate for kids 5 years and under which includes 1 adult (but the adult is not geared up, just there to help the child) which is $25 for 2 hours.  This also includes access to the bouncy castles
  • Access to just the bouncy castles is $12 for 1 hour
  • There is only 1 course suitable for the 3 year old age group, which is the 1 meter course… it’s perfect and you can do it as many times as you like!
  • There are bathrooms, picnic benches, and a snack bar on site. There are also lockers for rent.
  • Wear lots of sunscreen on sunny days, there isn’t much shade when you are on the courses or on the inflatable games.

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