Summer is FINALLY here in Montreal, well sort of. On the first really hot day this year, we lathered my 3 year old in sunscreen (as any parent would). This was a sunscreen that we used all last year and trusted.  Well wasn’t I shocked when he came home red as a tomato and covered in a rash. No good. We think we are getting the best sunscreen for kids… turns out this particular one wasn’t the right one for him. What we learned is that there are two sunscreens and kids are particularly vulnerable to the different types. There is a “blocker” type (mineral based which deflects the sun) and the other kind is a “absorbing” type which soaks into the skin and reacts to reflect the sun. Guess what kind we used… the absorbing kind.

What i’ve learned is that the best kind of sunscreen for our son is the blocker type of sunscreen (and it’s recommended for most kids as it doesn’t absorb into the skin, as it sits on top of it. plus there is no “reaction to protect”). You can easily spot these type of lotions as the chemical list in the ingredients is really short. It will usually only be Zinc and or Titanium Dioxide.  Stay away if it has Para-Aminobenzoic Acid (aka PABA) on the list.

The downside of a zinc or titanium dioxide sunscreen is that it’s thick and you’ll be white for a bit and it can get messy… and at the end of they day you will really need to be mindful to wash it off. So when looking for a mineral based sunscreen, you may see some online reviews of it saying “it was too think” or “made a mess” but that’s kind of the point… it’s not soaking into the skin!

So what products are we using? Well I’m really loving Live Cleans Baby Mineral Sunscreen Lotion for my 6 month old.  And for my toddler, I’m very impressed by Ombrelle Kids 100% mineral titanium dioxide lotion. There are a lot of great brands out there that offer a mineral sunscreen solution and I highly recommend you try them out and see what works best for you and your family.

If you don’t know where to start looking, check out  It’s your Sun Care Destination for you and your family. and they offer Free Shipping on orders of $29+

Good luck and let me know what you’re trying out this summer!

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