This past weekend we made our very first road trip as a family of 4. We headed to Toronto so that my grandmother could meet the newest addition to our family. Now that we have a toddler we are always looking for great attractions for him to enjoy.
So we headed to the Ripley’s Aquarium!

As hard as I looked, there aren’t many deals for aquarium tickets except for on the aquarium’s site itself. We purchased the online timed tickets – meaning we saved a few bucks by committing to a time we would be visiting. It’s an hour window. Very reasonable. Everyone told us to purchase in advance as the line ups are huge.  There was also a great promo for a family of 4 that included a free photo and a $20 voucher for the restaurant. Because our little guys are still free, we just purchased two adult tickets. If you want to know if the aquarium is cool… it really is! The attractions are really well thought out and the dangerous lagoon is really the best part. You step onto a moving sidewalk and are able to look all around you and see amazing sea creatures. From sharks to turtles and rare fish, it’s as cool as it sounds. Here is a video of it:

About halfway through the aquarium there is a kids area. Lots of tunnels and touching exhibitions. Maxwell couldn’t get enough of the reef shark tunnel and neither could we!

(Maxwell and I crawling through the tunnel)

We then ventured off to Ray bay and then my all time favourite the jelly’s!

My tip is to go early. Like as soon as the aquarium opens early as the place gets busy fast! It’s stroller friendly and although you are not allowed to bring outside food or drinks the cafe has some good food at affordable prices.
We took our time and you can take in the entire experience in about 2-3 hours.

A definite recommend the next time you’re in Toronto with the kids!
Thanks for reading!

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