Tips for Taking Toddlers to the Beach


Where beach travel was once a peaceful and relaxing experience, adding children to the mix is a total game changer. Until you’ve lived it… just take it from me, beach days with kids can be the worst and super challenging. BUT it doesn’t have to be.

Below are some of my top tips for taking kids to the beach

  1. Sunscreen goes on before you hit the sand.
    The main reason is no kid wants a sand exfoliation… (and trust me sand appears everywhere very fast) but the other reason is it gives the sunscreen enough time to absorb.
    (We do touch ups with spray screen while at beach)
  2. Protective swimwear is your best friend
    Long sleeve swim shirts for boys and girls are “in” which is great for kids – the more protected they are the better.beachtentgirl1
  3. Bring your own shade
    A beach tent can be REALLY helpful, especially if you want to spend nap time on the beach. That being said- bring  blankets (think mexican style blankets) for the beach so you have some clean surfaces to work with as well.
  4. Embrace the sand
    Although I did just say to bring blankets, just “letting go” of sand everywhere (and even in some cases in the mouth will make life a bit more fun on the beach. Bringing toys specific for the beach will make sand play a lot of fun (I usually pick up a set from the dollar store, so if it’s lost, it’s no big deal).
  5. Bring a Mesh tote (sand free bag)
    This one is a biggie – no matter how hard you try you will have sand everywhere and it sucks. Having a bag that literally lets sand fall out is super great and helpful once you get back to the room/car. You haven’t trucked half the beach with you.
    Also have a separate bag for “clean stuff” – that bag is closed tight until it’s time to change and go home.BONUS TIP: go early! My son wakes up at 6am, so why not hit the beach by 8am after breakfast. There is no one there and you can pick out the best spot! Plus, by the time the sun is really harsh, it’s nap time anyways. Win Win!!


Beach tent image source

Toddler on beach image source

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