We’ve all been there, trying to choose the best travel stroller that is light weight, works with our growing kids, can be checked at the gate, is durable and has great value. Shouldn’t be so hard to find right? Well…. maybe not!

After countless hours of research and reading reviews, the Uppay Baby G-Luxe stood out from the pack! So we went and purchased one as we were heading for a trip.

And we were very satisfied with our purchase.

Here is why we loved our G-Luxe so much. 
First of all it’s super light and durable. I traveled alone (by plane) when my son was 7 months old and it was very easy to manage. Easy to set up all while holding baby in my arms.

It was great for nap time (becuse of the reclining seat with adjustable footrest). This was a huge life saver. To this day my son loves nappy in this stroller. We’ve even transferred him out of his car seat into the G-Luxe (fully reclined) and he kept sleeping! (Crazy, I know, and it doesn’t happen all the time but it does happen!)

The fabric and seat pad are removable and machine washable. Kids make messes…. being able to wash this is key!

It stands on its own!  Seems simple enough, but if you have one of those cheaper umbrella strollers, trust me when I say this feature is what you’ve been missing.
In Canada, this stroller goes for $299. It’s an investment, but the Uppa Baby Brand has such great resale value that you’ll get your moneys worth!

It’s my top pick when it comes to travel strollers in Canada and there is no doubt this stroller can be rolled up to the gate with your airline!

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