BREAKING NEWS: There Will be a Ski Season in Quebec!

Photo Credit: Stoneham Mountain Resort

Radio-Canada has learned that there will indeed be a ski season this year. The Quebec government is expected to announce the health measures that will be imposed on outdoor enthusiasts towards the end of next week.

“For sure it’s going to be a different season, but there’s going to be a ski season and we’re very happy about that,” said Charles Désourdy, president of Bromont, montagne d’expériences.

The season ended abruptly on March 22nd because of COVID-19.

Next week, the Quebec government will announce the sanitary measures that will have to be applied. Access to the chalets, for example, could be restricted.

It’s happening outside. It’s mostly distancing and it’s a lot less complicated in the winter than in the summer, because in the summer with the water park, everyone runs around while on skis, it’s pretty neat. We have skis almost two meters long.

Every ski resort in North America says that your chalet will be your car. Get geared up in the parking lot, no personal belongings allowed inside the chalets or cafeterias. Will we be able to eat inside? Well that will depend on what zone we are in. (Looks like it’s time to invest in a huge mini-van!)

Priority to Season Pass Holders?
Due to distance, there may be fewer skiers on the lifts and the wait will be longer.

“If ski resorts need to accommodate fewer skiers, they will give priority to season pass holders. It’s certain that people with a seasons pass or people who have purchased tickets in advance will be given priority. We’ll start by making sure that our members have a good experience and then we’ll see,” explains Simon Boulin, general manager of the Corporation ski et golf Mont-Orford.

This is all very exciting, we’ll be sure to upload the regulations as soon as they are announced later this week. If there’s one thing I’m taking from this news is that we will be stocking up on a log of “hot hands” so that we are all toasty warm all day long.

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