Please Stop Using Your Phone While Driving.

There aren’t too many things that scare me in the world… well anything having to do with the safety of my kids scares me (obviously), but external things don’t tend to rattle me too much… that is except for texting while driving (or any use of a phone while driving, we’ll call it texting for simplicity sake).

Texting while driving is bananas and ridiculously dangerous. You are literally NOT looking at the road.

I read one statistic that actually blew my mind. It stated: “5 seconds is the minimal amount of attention that a driver who texts takes away from the road. If traveling at 88 kph (55 mph), this equals driving the length of a football field without looking at the road.” (  Can you believe that… 5 seconds is nothing and yet while you’re driving a car… it’s so much. So much can happen. And it’s not just the act of texting that is crazy, the amount of people I see uploading Instagram stories or snapchat WHILE DRIVING is outright dangerous. PLEASE STOP you will most likely not kill yourself, you’ll kill someone else, and that someone else could be my kid.


So what can be done? Well, you can shame people who are making it a habit of unsafe driving for starters. Send them messages when you see them post live on a social channel. It’s none-sense and needs to be stopped.
You can also put your phone away… like REALLY away when you’re driving. You don’t need it, you’re not that important that a call/facebook post/ IG Story ect… is unable to wait until you’re done driving. Right?

Good news for us non-texting while driving drivers, we’ll save more compared to our unsafe driver counterparts. More and more insurance companies are starting to actually increase the price of their premiums for drivers who have been caught in the act.  “Aside from having to pay a hefty fine, being ticketed for distracted driving will also drive up a motorist’s auto insurance premiums by an average 16% or about $226 a year, according to a study conducted by the car insurance search engine The Zebra. That may not sound like much of a budget-buster, but it represents a premium increase of 7,944% since 2011, when carriers issued a penalty of just 0.2% for those caught texting or talking on a cell phone while driving.” (Forbes April 20, 2018)

Knowing that you’re a super safe driver and that you are getting the best car insurance rates, is what it’s all about. I’m all for penalizing those who are putting my safety and the safety of my family at risk.

Thanks so much for reading and I hope the next time you think about touching your phone while driving, you pause and just leave it alone. It’s simply not worth it!



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