Getting Ready for Kindergarten

I’m going to be real honest for a second. I’m freaking out. My first born is starting school this fall and it’s a major milestone for all of us. I remember the moment he was born. I remember his first steps. His first taste of food. Those memories feel like they happened yesterday… and in a few short weeks, he’ll be off to school. Someone stop this insanity right about now. #StopGrowing

We decided to send him to an all french school. We live in Montreal, it makes the most sense. Last month we visited the school and did the orientation which was fun. I just printed the list of supplies and now i’m getting ready for all the things like lunches, labels and all those logistics we don’t really want to think about.

So now I’m getting getting ready for our first year of kindergarten and my OCD of planning and organizing can probably help you, so I’m sharing my tips on how we’re getting ready for school all while silently freaking out on the inside.

My 5 Tips for Getting Ready for Kindergarten

Screen Shot 2019-06-27 at 10.21.43 AM

    1. Make a lunch meal plan
      I’ve been creating all sorts of boards on Pinterest  with some simple and fun lunches that I HOPE my son will love. I’ve also started a What’s App group with my friend to share ideas. (It takes a village).
      I’m also a REAL fan of the bento box style of lunch boxes, and found some fun ones on Amazon.  I am hopeful that this will all work out. Time will tell!
    2. Label Everything
      In daycare, i’ve lost a few things, and there are only 60 kids there. At my sons new school, there is capacity for 500 kids. So, labelling every single thing makes a lot of sense. I’m  obsessed with Mabel’s Labels.  I’ve been using their products for years! I love the fun designs and the actually stick! Their Tag Mates are the perfect clothing tag, and honestly they rarely come off.
    3. Talk about school
      We talk a lot about new school and all the new friends he’ll make. Anytime we walk past the school we always point it out and pump it up as the best thing in the entire world. He seems to be convinced. I think this is a pretty important before any major change in life, and when you’re 5, it’s even more so.
      Screen Shot 2019-06-27 at 10.30.26 AM
    4. Books about School
      This is where we are having great success. My son loves a good book and finding books about the new routine, experiences and places at school are a hit. We love Pete the Cat: Rocking in my School Shoes. There are others like “On the First day of Kindergarten”  to help with social anxiety of the first days of school. It really depends on what you want to focus on, but those visuals will help.
    5. Involve Them in the Process
      There are a lot of things to buy for school. From school supplies to lunch boxes. Have them be there with you to pick out the supplies, let them choose their lunch boxes, and even the design on their labels. Having them involved in the process will certainly make them be happy about their choice but also give them confidence and develop their autonomy.

That’s what we are doing to help get ready for Kindergarten. How are you getting ready?

Thanks for reading!


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