Bahamas with kids, Atlantis Review

I recently got back from a trip from the Bahamas. It was AMAZING! I experienced some amazing things and dove right into experiences that made me a bit nervous, but was truly grateful to have tried.

Although I didn’t travel with the kids, I always thought of them and asked myself how would they like this? I spent 1 night at the Atlantis hotel (on the island of Nassau) and I can truly say this place is amazing for kids and families in the Bahamas. Don’t doubt a trip to the Bahamas with kids. It’s such an amazing country with wonderful people, and kids, like most English Caribbean countries, are welcomed with open arms!

Don’t get me wrong, Atlantis is Huge! It reminded me a lot of Disney world and Vegas. It literally has something for everyone. Even if it’s raining there are a lot of daytime indoor activities s like the aquarium the Dig ans the movie thwarted and mini club!

The water park at Atlantis lives up to the hype. From the rapids “lazy river” which is by no means lazy, to the epic slides the go right through the shark tank… it’s a LOT of fun. There is also a great kids splash area and pool which was really sweet!

The meal plan options make it feel like it’s an all inclusive resort. And the buffet!!!!! It’s really amazing, I’m talking chocolate fondu!

The rooms in the Coral tower were very spacious. I had a room that was facing the marina and it had a lovely balcony that I was able to enjoy and was able to see the amazing boats. Loved it!!! Cribs are available on request.

Although the trip didn’t include the kids, the moment I got back I’ve been telling my husband that our next trip will be in Nassau! I love the Bahamas and all of the English Caribbean to be honest!

Oh and quick mention. The Tropic of Cancer beach on little Exuma island is the most beautiful beach I’ve ever seen. Heaven on earth!

Until next time!!!

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