Winter at the Zoo in Quebec

At this time of year I find that cabin fever is really setting in. It’s frustrating because it’s hard to find really great activities for the kids – we’re all going crazy and there are only so many more tobogganing days or indoor play park days that we can all handle. We know spring is around the corner, but it’s just not close enough.

Thankfully we have two amazing Zoo’s that are open practically all year! The Granby Zoo and the Ecomuseum both offer something a bit different and are as close or as far as you’d like to go.


The Granby Zoo is just over an hour away from Montreal. It’s a great day trip and during the winter they have 90% of the animals on display at up to 50% of the summer rate for admission. On a milder day, the Granby zoo is a great way to spend some time with the family. There is indoor and outdoor attractions and it’s very well set up for families.
This year they’ve even added a skating rink to the zoo. They are open most days for the winter from 10am to 4pm, but it’s always good to check the schedule before you head down.


The Ecomuseum, at only 20 mintues away from downtown Montreal, is one of the only outdoor zoo’s on the island of Montreal. It has animals from Quebec wildlife in a natural setting. It’s open 364 days per year, so even on long weekends it’s a great place to go for a family walk and see some amazing animals. There is also a small indoor aquatic feature with frogs, snakes and some fish.
It’s a great zoo that is doing some important work with rehabilitation of animals as well as informing and educating all its visitors.

So next time that you feel a little stir crazy with the kids, try one of these museums. It’s a short drive from Montreal and a great way to spend the day and burn some energy!

Thanks for reading!

Photo credits from The Granby Zoo Facebook page and the Ecomuseum Facebook page.

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