Best books for kids – Anything by Julia Donaldson

I’m such a fan of reading to my kids. We all know the benefits of reading, but which books should you lean towards? We discovered Julia Donaldson books about a year ago. We were gifted “The Gruffalo” and “The Gruffalo’s Child” and well our collections has grown tremendously since then.

Those first two books are now our family’s go to! Our oldest has them memorized based on the rhymes. Every time we add another book to the collection, it’s exciting for everyone. My husband and I love reading them!

“Aha! Oho! A trial in the snow! Whose is this trail and where does it go? A trail poked out of a log pile house. Could this be the tail of the Big Bad Mouse?” – “The Gruffalo’s Child”

Other than the rhymes I’m actually obsessed with the images. The illustrations are simply wonderful. I think we get more books simpler for the pictures.

I can not recommend Julia Donaldson books enough and truly believe her books should be part of everyone’s library.

Until next time!!

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