Getting Ready for Jamaica

For the first time we are bringing the entire family to an all inclusive resort. We’ve been to a few all inclusive resorts pre-children, but this will be an entirely new experience. I’ll be honest, this is a big undertaking with a 3.5 year old and 14 month old, but we’ve been planning this out for months so I’m hopeful.

So you’re probably wondering how we’ve been planning? I’ve listed the things we’ve been doing to get ready for the trip. These tips can be used for most any trips, but this is what we’ve been doing!

  1. School bags! We’ve prepared by ensuring everyone has a school bag instead of traditional carry on suitcases. With a school bag each we can load them up with treats, activities, extra clothings and toiletries as well as meds. Any essential item is getting packed into this bags! It also allows us to have free hands while en route!
  2. Research! We’ve been looking and looking to make sure we know what the car seat rules are, what milk is available and what services are available on site. A new country is always exciting but knowing what to expect can put everyone at ease.
  3. Room type. We decided to splurge by getting a family room suite. It may seem like a bit of an expense but it’s worth it to have a separate areas to relax after the kids go to sleep is key!!!
  4. Buying in bulk! We’ve been buying sunscreen as soon as we see it on sale. As well as sandals and swimsuits. Literally have been mentally packing since this summer.
  5. Planning activities in advance. Although we won’t be going too far from our ressort it would be a shame to only see a hotel for a week. So we’ve come up with ideas and a loose itinerary before arrival. That way – if things are going to plan, it’s a simple email or phone call to the tour operator once there. The heavy work is done!!

So that’s a little what we are doing to get ready before our trip! I’ll post more about our packing tips!

Until next time!

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