Should Parents Give Up Their First Class Tickets When Baby Cries 

A few weeks ago a fashion blogger Arielle Noa Charnas of Something Navy was flying first class with her baby. She writes  on her Instagram post On our way to LA a few days ago it was my first time flying with Ruby, I had a screaming crying sleepy baby who was so overwhelmed that she couldn’t fall asleep. My husband and I paid for first class so that we’d have the extra space and could lay down with her – once we were boarded I was getting tons of eye rolls and head shakes from fellow passengers on @delta because my baby was crying (as if I could just look at Ruby and say okay now it’s time to stop 😂). I tried to ignore the people until 10 minutes passed and a flight attendant came over to me and asked me and my baby to move to the back of the plane (as if the people in the back didn’t matter). Give up our seats that we paid for and move.”

Yikes! Thankfully she stood her ground and stayed in the seats she paid for. 

My husband and I flew first/business class with Maxwell when he was 10 months old. Thankfully he didn’t fuss too much, but we totally got looks. A lot of them. You could read it across the faces “oh great here comes a baby”. That particular trip took us to San Francisco and Portland. We had a total of 4 flights… so 4 times the looks. Yay. 

If I was told to move due to a fussy baby I would have stood my ground as well. I love how the airline was all too happy to get the baby and stressed out mother to move seats but if my flight neighbour had bad BO or wouldn’t stop talking… would they extend the same comment? “Excuse me sir, you smell… go to the back of the back of the plane”. Lol! I doubt it. 

We were all babies at one point, we all cried. Just because moms have children doesn’t mean they aren’t allowed to board a plane. Travel is hard for everyone and no parent wants their baby to cry during travel… but statistically they will so suck it up passnagers. We are all in this together. 

Next time I see a parent with a crying baby on a plane (and I’m not knee deep in my own children’s drama) I will certainly ask what I can do to help… vs being an ass and complaining to the flight attendent. It takes a village people!!

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