Craft Kits in a Bag – Things to Improve Traveling with Kids DIY

When you’re traveling by car or by plane, it’s pretty key to keep the little ones occupied. The dreaded “Are we there yet” is the best thing to avoid. Although my little one is just hitting the crafting age (crayons, markers and stickers are currently #1) the craft kits in a bag are a great tool to help you keep children of almost any age occupied for at least a little big.

What you’ll need:

  1. Ziplock bag (large or sandwhich size – up to you)
  2. 1-2 crayons or markers
  3. A pack of stickers
  4. A few pages from a colouring book or print your own
  5. OR foam board shapes (found at the dollar or craft store)

Put all the items in the ziplock bag, and once your kids start getting restless, pop these on their laps and let them go to town!
The all encompassing bag has everything they need for a bit of fun!

*Don’t forget to also have an extra plastic bag for any garbage. And if you’re on the plane and forgot it. Using the “vomit” bag can also work!

Image from Curdoroy’s Closet

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