Welcome to Montreal Travel Mom

Well, it’s finally here! My beautiful blog that could and I’m so proud.
So what is this whole thing about anyways? Well Montreal Travel Mom is meant to give tips, tricks and ideas for mom (and dads) in the Montreal area. It’s about travel, but it’s also about doing things locally!

I love to travel and have been made fun of several times for studying maps (including airport maps) before I go some place new. Adding my son Maxwell to the mix made me research even more about what I should do/bring/prepare for… being a traveling mom brings a whole new twist to the game!


Don’t get me wrong, I’m not the expert on travelling with kids, but I do love to share my advice (as well as other people’s advise) when it comes to traveling with kids and what to do with kids locally!

I hope you enjoy this blog as much I as enjoy sharing my stories with you!



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