Making the Best of a Hotel Room with a Baby


Traveling with kids = more room needed. After the good old new born days, staying in hotels can become a daunting task. And as they start to move… well the game changes quickly.

While we traveled across California and Oregon, we had to stay a few nights in a hotel room. We weren’t sure how it was going to go down, and after the luxury that was having 1 bedroom apartments (via Air BnB), we were a bit nervous.

Sure enough it turned out great! Here are a few tips to make it easier.

  1. Set up as soon as you get in. I say this because once organized you can enjoy yourself. You’ve set up a change station, an eating station, and even a “drying” rack for bottles and where all the clothing will be… these really help make a small space feel  efficient and less chaotic.
  2. Utilize the rooms space to the fullest. What I mean by that is turn a desk into a high chair! How we did that? well we have one of those amazing lobster claw chairs which clamps onto almost anything. So we set it up so that our son had a great place to eat.
    And if you don’t need that, you could use the desk as so many other useful things!
  3. Try not to actually be in your room until it’s bed time. This helped us not feel so confined and made the room a place for just sleeping. We spent most of our day discovering Portland! (naps took place in the stroller… THANK YOU Uppa Baby G-luxe!)
  4. Bring your own crib sheet for the playpen/hotel crib. Smelling like home makes for easier bed time. And plus, if you’re like me, there is a sense of security with that!
  5. A room with two double/two queen beds is almost always bigger than a room with 1 king. So plan accordingly and besides, that extra bed (if no one is sleeping in it) can serve as a change area for the little one!

These are some of my tips when staying at a hotel with a 10 month old. Do you have any extra tips?


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